Savings Account

If you like to save money and want to collect interest, and also have easy access to that money in times of need, this account will fit you well!

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  • Variable interest rate
  • Interest calculated on daily balance
  • Small, minimum balance is required
  • First 6 withdrawals per month are free
  • $100 required to open
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PLEASE NOTE: The Federal Reserve Bank prohibits more than 6 "convenient" withdrawals per Savings account per Bank per month. A "convenient withdrawal" includes but is not limited to debit, ACH, or electronic bill payments, and potentially transfers into other accounts like checking. This regulation generally does not limit transactions made in person, at an ATM, or by mail or telephone. Known as "Regulation D", this rule was enacted by Congress with the intention of protecting all of a bank's customers as a whole.

Interest Rates

as of May 28, 2020
Savings Account - $50 Minimum
Deposit Amount Interest Rate APY
Please contact us for interest rates in your area

*Must maintain the minimum daily balance to obtain the disclosed APY (Annual Percentage Yield). Savings Account is a variable interest rate account; the interest rate(s) and APY(s) may change after the account is opened. Luana Savings Bank reserves the right to change interest rates and terms without notice. Fees incurred may reduce earnings.