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Current Rates

as of November 14, 2022
Auto Loans
Criteria APR*
2021 Model Year & Newer with 10% Down Payment As low as 5.339%
2021 Model Year & Newer with 0% Down Payment As low as 5.539%
2020 Models & Refinancing As low as 5.804%
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Quick Calc**
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*(APR) Annual Percentage Rate. 5.804% APR based on 5 year $20,000 loan with 10% Down, 60 mo. payments of $384.84 Offer subject to credit approval. May change or be withdrawn without notice.

**Calculator is provided as-is solely to estimate potential rates, fees, and costs. Please note that this calculator generates an estimate, and may not represent actual rates, fees, or costs due to input or calculation error.

***Registration costs are an estimation, for the State of Iowa, of the first year's registration cost for a general purpose non-electric/hybrid passenger vehicle weighting 4400 pounds. Electric and hybrid vehicles may have additional fees, while commercial vehicles may have less. For an accurate estimation, please contact your state's motor vehicle registration department.